‘O’ Level Biology is the foundation while ‘A’ Level Biology is the pre-requisite to many sought after university courses such as Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Biomedical engineering, Biomedical Sciences etc. 

At Pamela’s Place, I am committed to assist secondary, IP and JC students towards pursuing their utmost potential and thereby score a place in their ideal courses they choose to take during their academic journey. With my pedagogy, many of my students who once failed to grasp the concepts have adopted my methodology, honed their skills to write both the O-level and A-level Biology examinations and have bettered their Biology grades.

For the past 7 years of teaching, 93.7% of my students scored 'A's and many of whom jumped 3 grades and more!

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My Methodology

My belief to acing the subject is through my three-step approach – Content Comprehension, Knowledge Application and Critical Thinking.

To tackle Biology with a holistic approach requires easy-to-understand, distinction-scoring notes in which Pamela’s Place will complement with students’ school materials. These materials are up-to-date with current GCE ‘O’ level and ‘A’ level syllabus, compiled and structured for better and concise studying. Especially with heavy content topics such as the Cardiovascular System in O-Levels and Molecular Biology of Cancer in H2 Biology, it is essential for students to first understand integral information relevant to the study and practice of biological science. Using an in-depth approach to imparting the fundamentals, students are drilled constantly to crossed topic references during classes and encouraged to develop an inquisitive learning to discover how life works at the molecular and cellular level. 

Understanding the fundamentals of the subject, students are coached to utilize concepts to cultivate question interpretation and answering skills. They will be provided multiple questionnaires and opportunities for practicing essential critical thinking skills. Focusing on various answering strategies for different exam papers, students are coached to make inferences to various Biology topics and write quality answers for scoring. Overtime, many of my students find Biology no longer a struggle to master and are able to translate into better results. For the past 6 years of teaching, 93.7% of my students scored 'A's and many of whom jumped 3 grades and more!

Lessons conducted are structured to cater to each students’ learning style/ability. From my exclusive 1-1 tutoring to intensive group classes that are small for optimal learning, students are free to choose either preference for effective tutlege. Regardless, I always believe studying and learning happens even out of the classroom. Nevertheless, students are highly encouraged to develop the initiative to explore concepts and cultivate critical thinking skills. As such, I believe it is my mission to continually create a conducive environment where students can clarify any doubts, contribute ideas and develop an unhindered learning attitude.

Other Subjects Offered


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